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Perspectives & hope for the young generation in Croatia

More about us

We are a family of 4 from Switzerland - and because we like adventure, we moved to Croatia in 2013. With a desire to share our professional knowledge and life experience to impact the young generation in a positive and sustainable way, we have been building a very broad network, have immersed into the Croatian culture & language and we have had the privilege of helping a handful or more individual teenagers and young adults in taking the next steps in their life. In order to combine a lot of the ongoing activities and programs, we decided to register a local non-profit association to build and run a community center for young people in Zagreb. Our mission is to empower the young locals and help them holistically - physically, personally, emotionally, spiritually.

Facts about Croatia

Croatia is beautiful and the people are amazing and full of potential. But through years of communism / socialism, a recent war, ongoing economic crisis and little professional perspective for the young generation, the people are suffering from hopelessness, negativity, instability and depression. About 4 mio people live in mostly Catholic Croatia and another 4 mio live outside of the country around the globe. Croatia's capital city Zagreb has got a population of nearly 1 mio. Croatia is mostly known by tourists for its long, stunnig coastline and for realxing holidays with lots of sun & fun :-)

Community Center

Our main focus and task is to build and run a community center for young people in the City of Zagreb. There are many differents schools, colleges and universities and therefore thousands of teens and young adults. The community center is a physical place for them to come, hang out, meet new friends, share life but also to learn, grow and give to others. Some will be attracted by our free drinks and others by our interesting workshops or fun events. Our team is positive and with a heart to help & encourage, give hope & perspective and just be there for them.We believe that every person has got valuable gifts and great potential, everyone has some form of intelligenge and something specific to give to this world. Let's help them to unlock it and free it!
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Become our Partner

We are always looking for partners! We highly value our volunteers, prayer partners and financial sponsors. There are many ways to get involved as an individual or as a whole group. We have hosted teams from several countries, done different outreaches, organized events etc and are always open to new ideas. We like to visit with our partners personally especially in Switzerland and provide you with regular updates through our email Newsletters.
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"You are important and what you say matters." - This message is crucial for the young generation in Croatia to hear, feel and experience for them to believe in a future in this country.


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